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Summer Reading 2024

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Dear Glenbard East Parents & Guardians,

We pride ourselves on creating a community of readers and writers, and one important facet of that literary community is growing your personal reading practice during the summer. Remember, reading is a muscle; it needs continuous practice to stay strong! The English Department encourages all incoming freshmen and future sophomores, juniors and seniors to read at least one book during the summer. However, with this amazing list of titles chosen to meet the needs and interests of our Glenbard East student community, we certainly encourage you to read as many titles as you like.

Beginning-of-the-year activities in all English classes will allow students myriad opportunities to share their thoughts and demonstrate understanding of the title(s) they read. In order to fully engage in these opportunities, you might find it beneficial to use post-it notes or make margin comments as you read with connections, questions, thoughts or to mark important sections. As our Glenbard East community includes the wonderful partnerships we have with our families, we also encourage parents/guardians to read alongside their students and engage in discussion.


All summer reading titles will be available to current students in the Sora app by June 1st! Future GBE Rams will be able to access titles on their school-issued iPad as soon as they complete registration and receive their device in the mail. Additionally, all community libraries have been informed of our summer reading titles. Please review the graphic below to begin your summer reading journey, starting with checking out our summer reading website which houses the list of titles and all other necessary details.

We look forward to meeting you in August. In the meantime, enjoy the rays and a great read!

The Glenbard East English Department

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Honors English 1 (E1H)

Students will choose a second title to read from the Freshmen Summer Reading list, in addition to Of Mice and Men.

Download the E1 Honors Letter

Honors English 2 (E2H)

In lieu of a specific novel, students in E2H should choose one of the books on the sophomore-senior summer reading list.

Download the E2 Honors Letter

English 3AP Lang

Students will read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Download the AP Lang Letter

English 4AP Lit

Students will read In the Lake of the Woods by Tim O'Brien.

Download the AP Literature Letter

English 1101 Dual Credit

There is no specific title, but we encourage you to read more fiction and nonfiction.

Download the English Dual Credit Letter

Humanities Honors

Students will read The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion by Jonathan Haidt.

Download the Humanities Honors Letter