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  • Cancer Center
    Direct your attention to...
    - Cancer Basics
    - Treatment & Prevention
    - Dealing with Feelings (tips on handling emotional issues)
    - Personal Stories
    - Q&As (Questions & Answers)

OVERVIEWS OF CANCER - American Cancer Society

  • Cancer Basics
    Direct your attention to the links within "Understanding Cancer" and "Cancer in the United States."

  • What causes Cancer
    Direct your attention to the links within "General Information about Carcinogens," "Genetics and Cancer," and "Common Causes of Cancer."

  • Find a Cancer Type
    Alphabetical list of different kinds of cancers


In Google, try the following searches:

LIBRARY DATABASE - Student Resources in Context

  • Student Resources in Context
    Type "cancer" and then click the blue "Read More" button for a general overview.  Below the "Read More" button, you can click "RESOURCES" to be taken to a variety of articles at different reading levels.  An article with a green circle is easiest, yellow square is intermediate, and red triangle is hardest.

    You can also try typing the name of a specific type of cancer (e.g. "breast cancer," "testicular cancer," etc.).

Database Passwords

PASSWORDS FOR HOME ACCESS TO EAST'S DATABASES - Available in Library and in Library's online Schoology Resources folder (on the off-chance that you don't already belong, use Access Code CRZWF-Z8DD2 to join Library's Schoology Group)